Iqbal Heros

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A hero is someone who is known for his or her outstanding achievements, challenges, and courage (Oxford Dictionary). According to (Dictionary Reference), a hero is a person who consummated an intrepid act and deemed as a model or ideal, example: risking their own life or saving someone’s life. There are numbers of synonyms of hero such as: “champion”, “idol”, and “conqueror”. Antonyms such as: “afraid”, “weak”, and “timid”. To me, a hero is an individual who showed practices and choices that are morally and candidly deserving of the amazement, a person who moves people candidly to join with them at some level in place for us create an association with, a person whom I see as a role model and someone whom I feel safe with. Malala Yousafzai…show more content…
Firstly, Malala got shot, she continued searching for women’s right, and she never gave up. She was the youngest individual who succeeded and won The Noble Prize. As for Iqbal, he found a way to join a freedom carnival held by the Brick Layer Unions where he started using his efficient personality to speak on behalf of the slaved labors. Malala began to classify plans to originate an association to discover ways to make it easier for girls to accomplish their educational dreams. “ I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor at school. All I want is education. And I’m afraid of no one.” (Malala, 2013, pg3). Although With such bravery, Malala was able to achieve many things that adults were afraid of achieving. Yousafzai spoke publicly for the rights of children and women. On the other hand, Iqbal is a legend who slipped into workshops and began examining the kids about their experiences and if they were slaves. Moreover, he taught the slaved workers and encouraged them to escape. He also created awareness and encouraged education so that others could defend for their rights and end the inequality in factories around the globe. Even though Iqbal was afraid from being murdered by the Mafias, he insisted on speaking against the mafia’s performs with self-confidence and

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