Importance Of Crime Scene Investigation

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However, answers will come from many sources besides the crime scene, answered should be during primary and secondary crime scene investigation. All information must be noted on a new crime scene investigation report form as shown in figure 2. Information flow and obtained by many following processes. 2. Examination: To ensure nothing is overlooked, the search should be systematic. The headway should be given to: • In danger items that may be destroyed by rain, animals, wind, or movement of people. • Any material which avoiding access to deceased or any critical area in crime scene like an exit door. • Any area which will give a strong indication of the identity of suspect\s. In collecting the physical evidence, the manner and sequences…show more content…
Use spatial relationships to relate evidence to other objects. Use proportional measurements to calculate such things as bullet trajectory angles or to reconstruct accident details.”  “The rough sketch is the first sketch drawn at the scene; multiple rough sketches may be required depending on the crime. The sketch includes a scene outline with the location of objects and evidence clearly marked. A finished sketch is derived from the rough sketch.”  A rough sketch must be drawn before any alteration, moving, or removing, immediately after taking of photographs.  Assessment of crime scene determines if one or all of the type of sketches are needed, for example: “a sketch showing the surrounding areas, a sketch showing only measurements, and a sketch showing locations of objects, such as the locations of evidence, the victim(s), etc.”  “Include, outside of the drawn crime scene, measurements for dimensions of rooms, furniture, doors and windows, and distances between objects, entrances and exits, bodies, and persons. Draw details, such as object size, proportionally in a rough…show more content…
If changes are required of the rough sketch, photocopy the original rough sketch to preserve its integrity.” Method of measure crime scene: 1. Coordinate method: “this method uses the principle of measuring the distance of an object, such as a body, from two fixed points. One form of the coordinate method involves the use of a baseline, which is drawn between two known points. The baseline may also be a wall or drawn as a mathematical center of a room, the exact dimension of which is known. The measurements of a given items are then taken from left to right along the baseline to a point at right angles to the item which is to be plotted.” 2. Triangulation method: “the triangulation method requires three measurements: -base -the shortest side of the triangle; and -the longest side of the triangle.” Is employed with an opened crime scene like a beach, or

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