How To Be A Good Crossfit Athlete Essay

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How to be Good Crossfit Athlete Around the world there are more than ten thousand crossfit athlete. The top one hundred athletes are the best and every one want to be great like them. To be one of the best every athlete should train consistently without overload your body. Second, eating clean portion of food will help your body and your health over all. The last thing is to sleep or rest as much as what your body need. Adapting your body with these things might be hard for some of the athlete at the beginning, but they will find that it is easy to follow the three basics when the body get used to it. The first step to be one of the best is to train consistently in a perfect way. Having a good organized program that suits the body needs for the person him self so it is important for the body to give us what is best. To have a good program each day must have different movements and different muscles to be activate. The best crossfit training programs include weightlifting, gymnastic and high intensity workout or adding special needs for the athlete to develop his weakness. Trying not to overload the body so it can function and recover to get the best results in the future. The great way to train is to have five days on and tow days of or three days on one day off, so the body can rest as much as need it, but if the person has an special genetic that helps to…show more content…
Taking a rest day to recover is also very important for the muscles and. It also helps to rebuild the muscles and the tissue for the muscle. Having a rest day between the days that you workout in is very helpful to get a great results in the future and to avoid any injuries. One of the important things is to sleep well. Like we have to sleep more than 8 hours or sometimes it depends on the person himself. We have to take enough time to sleep and recover from what we did in that day and try to hit the workout for the next day with a freshly body and

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