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School Psychology For a while now I have thought that psychology is a very interesting subject. After learning more about psychology, I felt that being a school psychologist was something I could do. After being in middle school and seeing the relationship that the middle school counselor had with the students, I thought that being a school counselor could be a good job for me. However, when I got to high school I learned more about what being a school counselor entails. After that I changed my mind to school psychology. I knew after learning more about being a school counselor that I wanted to change to a school psychologist because I knew that I wanted to only be involved in working with psychology and not the things that come along with…show more content…
In some places, however, you can continue in this career with only a Bachelor’s degree. Whether or not you need a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree is dependent on the state in which you attend college and continue your career. To be able to actually get a job after your schooling is complete, you will also have to complete an internship as well as a licensing exam. Luckily, most colleges offer psychology programs. For preparation in high school for college it would be helpful to take a psychology class. Most high schools offer a psychology course or a course closely related to psychology. Also taking a foreign language class can be beneficial when working with a wide array of students and creating a warm cultural climate. Another course that can be helpful is a teaching class. Even though your working conditions will be different than that of a school teacher, understanding how teaching a class works, the background of education history, plus its rulings and regulations, such as controversial court cases, can be greatly beneficial for…show more content…
This can be any type of school. For example, it could be a university, a college, an elementary school, and/or a secondary school. Aside from schools, school psychologists can also be seen working in other areas with children who have a higher risk of emotional problems. A school psychologist is also not often hired by a school district, but by a separate office that has hired psychologists to be assigned to a school or an entire school district. Depending on the size of the schools, a psychologist will either be assigned to one specific building, or to an entire school district. Not only does a school psychologist work with students but they will also work with parents and teachers. School psychologists will be involved in a lot of social interaction, so they have to have good people skills. They will also have a very precise schedule and will work about 40 hours during the week. The annual salary for a school psychologist is

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