The Importance Of Baptism

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Analyse how the significant practice of baptism impacts the lives of individuals and the faith community The sacred sacrament of Baptism is a religious rite which welcomes an individual into the Christian church community by generally symbolically immersing or pouring water on a person. This practice has a significant impact on the lives of the individual receiving baptism and the faith community, through the symbolic gestures enlaced with spiritual significance within the sacrament and the emphasis of strengthening the community of believers and its involvement with evangelisation. The sacrament of Baptism has a significant impact on the individual receiving the rite, as it restates and solidifies fundamental christian beliefs, displaying the commitment of the recipient to their faith in God. Baptism is considered a vital…show more content…
Even more so, when the individual is submerged in water, they are physically unable to breathe as sin metaphorically consumes them, denying them life, however as they are brought up from the water, they are cleansed and able to breathe, figuratively entering a new life of faith. The sacrament of Baptism is considered with great significance in the Christian church, as is a public commitment to faith in God and serving the Baptismal Call by acting upon the mission of Jesus Christ. Within denominations such as Pentecostal and Baptist, the individual must be of age to consent, acknowledging they wish to join the church. By agreeing to join the church themselves, there is an overall greater impact as the individual is accepting the responsibility of the teachings and fundamental teachings of Christianity. During a Christian baptism, it is also common that the recipient of the sacrament receives a Baptismal name, which is commonly referred to as their given name. Though most commonly practiced on infants receiving baptism, adults have
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