How Did John Calvin Impact The Reformed Church

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The Reformed church came about as the works of the reformation took hold. Though John Calvin did not have the boldness of Martin Luther, he proved to have a sincere impact on the reformation. The thoughts and beliefs of John Calvin, are superimposed on the Reformed church by the key component of his theology, that God is indeed sovereign and above all. John Calvin born in 1509 was born and raised in France. Being of some influence, his father sent him away at a young age to begin his theological studies. Thus Calvin begins his time preparing for ministry. His father, wanting him to succeed was able to find several ecclesiastical jobs for Calvin to do, while attending his schooling. It is said that “making use of such resources, and hoping for an ecclesiastical career, young Calvin studies in Paris.” However, at a later time, there was a problem and his father shifted his studies to the legal arena. No longer was he to study theology, but law. This continued for several years, then after his father’s death, Calvin continued his studies in Paris of his own accord. In this God was sovereign and continued to lead Calvin’s life, despite the fact that Calvin had not been born again. In several years Calvin would have a quick and impactful conversion, accepting Christ as his Lord and savior. All future works in his…show more content…
In the personhood of Jesus Christ, God’s nature is revealed and is representative of his holiness, peace mercy, grace, love, forgiveness, long-suffering and kindness. Jesus showed man the importance of having a servant’s heart. In creating the heavens and the earth God served his creation, by preparing our home here on earth. In creating vegetation, from which fruits, vegetables and nut come, God provided for man’s need for food. In creating rivers and streams apart from the salty oceans, he provided clean water to drink. All this was done to serve the needs of those He created. The greater

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