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Title: Into The Wild Author: Jon Krakauer Main Characters (Protagonist/Antagonist), Title, & Traits: Chris McCandless: A 22 year old who just graduated from Emory University. He dumped all his money to charity and took his Datsun all over the country. He traveled at least two years without telling his parents where he was and was very nomadic. He avoided attachment to people until he tried to escape the woods but couldn’t and died. As a teen, Chris had animosity against his dad that boiled over without them ever working it out. He was a smart kid, made good grades, and captained the cross country team of a Washington DC suburb, Annandale. A very stubborn, strong willed man, Chris did the traveling simply because he wanted to. He is the person…show more content…
He starts off by driving to California, and then ends up in Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, Montana, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska. Summary: The book starts off with the death of Chris in the first chapter or two. Krakuer then takes the reader back to how Chris ultimately got to Alaska. He reaches back to Chris’ childhood, journey, and death. Throughout the book, the reader receives anecdotes, interviews, or other stories of people similar to McCandless. As the book goes on, the reader can clearly read and understand where Chris has been and who he has met and how he has touched them. The book ends with McCandless’ parents returning to the place where Chris died and finding peace in the journey. 2 Prominent Quotes: “No longer would he answer to Chris McCandless; he was now Alexander Supertramp, master of his own…show more content…
For example, he was in the desert, which is for cleansing and purifying. He also was in the mountains, which are very hard to survive; Chris tested himself by trying to be there. Chris was in many rivers, which could mean cleansing or death, in Chris’ case – death. He is not very materialistic; there are not a lot of symbols or symbolism in the book. The most prominent symbol is the alias Alexander Supertramp, which symbols not only his independent behavior, but concealing who he really is to avoid connection. Archetypes: Lots of archetypes are found in the book, again mostly relating to setting. The desert, the wasteland, the wilderness, the mountains, and the river are all very archetypal. The reader also sees the archetypal hero’s journey, where the hero goes on a call to wild (which was inspired by his love for Jack London), he crosses a threshold when the last person drops him off at Stampede Trail. The hero battles starvation. He met one person in particular who he encouraged to leave his things behind and live nomadically as well. When McCandless left, he had a crossroads and declined, but then had the belly of the whale and did what Chris

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