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Jastin Rai Wall-E Short Summary The government has created robots to clean the pollution on Earth, humans are being lied to that they are on a cruise for 5 years but they didn’t realize that it has been over 700 years. Wall-E than finds a living plant on earth, after that Wall-E becomes friends with a high tech robot named Eve and they are on a journey to retrieve the people on the cruise back to earth. Character Archetypes Hero: Wall-E Companion: Eve Shadow: Auto Ally: Eve, Robots, Cockroach I believe that, Wall-E was an impressive movie I thought it had a completely different side to it like a mature side. I think adults, will relate to the movie more than kids, because of its meaningful message, and symbols. It had a deep…show more content…
He might not look like one but his robotic self is telling him to be one for Eve. The people on the cruise are brainwashed by the government's technology. They were all being watched and they could not escape the ship. Also, I've noticed that there was a color Archetype in this movie which was the color green. The color green referred to the plant it had hope, and growth. This is because gardens are fertile and growing. This is seen in the movie Wall-E when he finds the…show more content…
They both did not look like hero's but they had the courage to be one. In my FEU novel and film had a similar plot to it, they were both being ruled by governments and technology. The governments, told them both what was best for them but it turned out to be the complete opposite. In my FEU novel, 1984,the governments would tell the citizens that a war was going on which was a lie and in Wall-E they told the people that if they stay on the ship for a couple of years, the Wall-E's will clean all the pollution on earth which was also a lie. Both governments in Wall-E and 1984 told a lie to their people. Something else that Wall-E and 1984 had in common was that they were being told about certain things. For example in Wall-E the people were told that it was good to live on the ship but they ending up being fat and lazy, and in 1984 they were told that a war was about to happen and some false rules in order to live. the governments in Wall-E and 1984 had a bad impact on society which they have in common. Also, what I've noticed is that in both these story's had technology over their heads 24/7. In Wall-E they had cameras set up everywhere which allowed the shadow which was Auto to see everything, and they were brainwashed by the technology that they wore over their heads 24/7. In 1984 they also had camera's set up at citizen's houses which than Big Brother had eyes on them at all times and that's why

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