Friendship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In everyday life, there are friendships classified as good and friendships classified as bad, but what makes a friendship, good or bad?A bad friendship can hold you back and in general make you feel inadequate and miserable. A good healthy friendship has characteristics of loyalty, support, and affection. But no matter what, every good friendship has its up and downs and John Steinbeck novella Of Mice and Men is no exception. Even though George Milton sometimes was mean to his long time best friend Lennie Small he was still a good friend. George has some quality characteristics of being a good friend such as always being there for Lennie and always caring and protecting him. George has shown a protective and caring figure over Lennie throughout the book. He didn't let Lennie speak when they first got to the ranch because he wanted them to see how much of a good worker Lennie was. When Lennie was getting picked on by Curley for no reason other than Curley was just intimidated by Lennie’s height and build George told Lennie to defended himself and Lennie broke Curley’s hand. George also showed concern for Lennie when he was drinking the dirty water from the swamp and told him to be careful because he might get sick again and made him throw away a dead mouse for his own good. A friendship…show more content…
George and Lennie demonstrate this many times throughout the novella. When Lennie’s Aunt Clara, George took the unofficial role of Lennie’s caretaker but also his best friend. George stuck by Lennie no matter what life threw at them and through the ups and downs. He demonstrated true friendship by hiding in a water ditch with Lennie after an incident in Weed when he simply could have put the blame on Lennie and abandoned him but he didn't. Throughout their journey together they both watched out for each other and stayed with each other no matter the
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