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The affection in this book is the glue to form a healthy family relationship. In the case of the Maxon family their biggest problem is putting up with the unjust obligations for being black, and the only to conquer these struggles it to love one another in a positive way. When a family such as theirs or any family for that matter, is based on obligation rather than affection, often times emotions are bottled up which leads to major conflicts. Also, when affection isn’t the foundation in family and it is solely based on obligations people get lonely and seek true affection from others. The best example of this is Troy’s affair with Alberta. When he tells Rose, her response outlines the problem in their relationship. It is one without love…show more content…
The struggles he went through has a child haunted him into his adulthood. The self-pity he had for himself made him a truly fragile character in the book. This weakness in Troy caused decisions that had horrendous effects to himself others. One example that shows his antagonist role is when Troy says, “I’m gonna be a daddy. I’m gonna be somebody’s daddy” (Act II. Scene 1. 135). To tell your wife that you are the father of someone else’s baby is a truly terrible thing to do and the way he handles it is very poor. This for me, was the start of many conflicts between characters throughout the book. Another key antagonist in this play was society as a whole. The time period in which this book takes place was a time when blacks still didn’t have nearly the rights that white people. This racial discrimination is the cause of the main problem in this book that led to Troy’s demise (Not becoming a baseball player). The struggle for black to become sports stars and much more, caused Troy to be very stubborn in understanding the changing world. This created huge conflicts between him and Cory, for instance, when Cory is recruited for football, Troy refused to sign the papers to allow him to play because he thought Cory wouldn’t be able to thrive because he was black. Troy thought the most beneficial option for Cory was to get a job and work. This was a dark point in the book where Cory realized his dad would never let him play sports. This conflict all relates back to society causing Troy to think this

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