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Charles Saint Jean Prof Kenneth Johnson Approach to Literature December 6 2015 The novel Flight club by Chuck Palahniuk is well represented as it is narrated by the most important characters in the novel. Narration allows the audience to have a great and better understanding of the content of the novel. The novel Flight club can be approached many different ways. There is sub-discipline of philosophy that is existed in this novel. For example, this novel teaches ethics as it shows that at many occasions the narrator had to make some decisions that question his morals as an individual. For example, the novel mentions the idea of the narrator to attend every therapy sessions just to look for some type of comfort that he gets from seeing other…show more content…
With that being said, it is immoral from the part of the narrator to take advantage of other’s medical issues. It is wrong to anyone to do that regardless the reason behind it. The fact that he would feel comfort does not make it right for him to do that. This behavior form the narrator indicates selfishness and total disregard of others’…show more content…
The narrator’s boss has been killed in the process, and some of other close friends ‘death that the narrator faces in the novel. The narrator was struggling with the reasons behind some of the things that were happening, such as if Tyler was really involved with the woman on an intimate level. The narrator has seen many clues to the relationship as the woman has been in the house that the narrator and Tyler happen to share together. Although, there has been many obvious clues that Tyler and the woman had something going on the whole time, however, the narrator refuse to believe it. In the same sense the narrator felt some type of betrayal from his close friend who the narrator happens to share a house with. Obviously, the reason why the narrator refuses to believe it is because the narrator feels like that his close friend would never betray him. Therefore, the narrator is confused about whether or not he should confront his friend over the woman because the narrator was in love with the woman as the woman has impacted his life in a good way. As it mentions, the narrator stop attending therapy by faking illness due the fact he notice that the woman was attending all of the therapy sessions that he himself was

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