How Does Steinbeck Present Lennie's Relationship In Of Mice And Men

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The relationship between Lennie George is one that is unique and special. Although George is constantly looking out for Lennie his strict orders telling Lennie what to do can be mean to Lennie controlling his actions in order to keep him away from harm and danger, by regulating his actions George feels lonely as he is tiresome for always looking out for Lennie quote shows his frustration. On the other hand Lennie sometimes sees it as irritating” Lennie is isolated by his handicap mindset which keeps him from daily tasks without supversion of geoge however even Lennie desires to have his own freedom. George constantly thinks Lennie’s mental illness could obstacle jeopardizing their chances of accomplishing their future goals. also mental illness…show more content…
The character lennie is presemted as childish this is noticeable when steinbeck states lennie drinks huge gulpsfrom the cannot behave in a adult manner altenative images portrays that he is simple minded creating an impression that he is cannot function in the correct geoge tells him the right things to do Their relationship is more that just a friends.Its like Geoge is Lennies role modle as he looks up to him,he is keen to get his approval that he is worthy of his time and effort by impressing him him repting shows how he is despreat his beans to his ketchup meaing there would be a missing piece to lennies world without george in it.perhaps lennie needs geogre to survive .This is evident as most tragiacl events during this novella occur when geogre has no control of lennie actions for instant when he kills curlys wife. Deep feelings of friendship and loyalty keeps George and Lennie together despite their huge differences as well as their never dying dream which fully expresses their friendship and hold them so tightly together Steinbeck presents George and Lennie’s relationship as being special as during the time this novella was set, itinerant workers were known to be lonely, as they moved often as they never settled long enough to build relationships of any
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