The Girl With Bangs Analysis

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“The Girl with Bangs” does not only suggest that the narrator is blinded by Charlotte’s bangs but also that they increase her fascination for her. This is shown when the narrator first describes the appearance of Charlotte: “Look at her palming the bangs away from her face, pressing them back along her hairline, only to have them fall forward again! I found this combination to be good, intrinsically good in both form and content…” (188). When she talks about the movement of Charlotte’s hair she goes into such detail as if she was filming a scene for a movie. Her emotion is shown when she uses an exclamation point at the end of the sentence which shows her strong interest towards the bangs. The narrator describes Charlotte’s room as a: “filth cocoon,” and its collection of “rotting of fruit, the accumulation of bacteria,” and even criticises her intelligence: “These thing were unpleasant and…show more content…
If all of these things are giving her such unpleasant emotions and are tiring her out, why would she continue having a relationship with Charlotte? The bangs. The narrator consciously can notice all of the things that are wrong with Charlotte, from how she carries herself to how she maintains her living courters. However, the bangs are a sign of perfection. This is further shown when the narrator describes one of their encounters, “she could look at me from underneath the distinct hairs, separated by sweat, and I had no more resistance” (190). She has no control over her feelings towards the bangs. Just a bit before the author described the imperfect and faulty state of Charlotte’s room and then all of a sudden, she sees the bangs and it is as if nothing else in the world mattered. A radiant, distinctive, perfect set of black hair that eliminates everything flawed with Charlotte by acting as a symbol of flawlessness. Charlotte’s hair does not only cover her face but with every swoop of her bangs the narrator’s desire for her only

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