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In Persepolis by Satrapi, Hands by Xiao and Maus by Spiegelman, the concept of equal treatment of each individual in our society is challenged. Each author challenges this concept by presenting characters that categorized by a veil, black hands or a gold star. This concept of equal treatment is challenged because focusing on characteristics of one’s individuality and categorizing them as abnormal, breeds the unequal treatment of only certain individuals within these stories. Each author proves through these characterizations, that our society has yet to achieve this ideal society where all individuals within it are treated equally. In Persepolis, the first chapter of the story is titled “The Veil,” and the main character is immediately introduced…show more content…
As far back as the 13th century, Jewish people had to wear these stars also known as the Jewish badge, which was a cloth patch that they were ordered to sew on their shirts to mark them as Jews in public. The Jewish individuals represented in this story were ostracized much worse than in the stories about Marjane or Wang, these Jewish individuals in this story, even historically, were placed in concentration camps where they were killed and tortured because of their religion. This torture that Jewish individuals went through is depicted in the story as, “We knew the stories – that they will gas us and throw us in the ovens. This was 1944 … we knew everything. And here we were” (Part 1, 159). These individuals were treated inhumanely because their religion wasn’t the one followed by majority of the society that they were living within. Like Marjane and the Islamic population, and Wang and the working class population, these individuals were objectified and treated unequally because they were seen as abnormalities in our society. The Jewish individuals in this story, unfortunately had it the worst out of all of these examples, which just shows how far certain individuals within the society we are living in will take it to prove that we are all not the

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