Dbq Essay What Were The Causes Of Revolutions

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The main cause for revolutions to take place is because of social inequality. These revolutions come in many forms, which initiate as either a peaceful movement or munitions revolution. These days we use the word “revolution” to describe innovations or significant improvements in technology. In a historical context, revolutions happened because divergent groups coming into conflict. The main causes for revolutions are racial prejudice, income inequality, and excessive government involvement. The civil rights movement sprung up as result of racial inequality. Public facilities and transportation such as busses were segregated based upon ones skin color. The civil disobedience of Rosa Parks ignited a series bus boycotts in Montgomery. The Supreme Court eventually found that the decision to be unconstitutional. Rosa Parks came from humble beginnings and grew up listening to Ku Klux Klan ride by her house. Her dedication to stand up to oppression demonstrates that “ordinary people [can accomplish] extraordinary things” (Source D). After the civil war many states mandated Jim Crow laws to keep African Americans on the bottom rungs of the social ladder. Segregating people of color from using a common public facility is inherently unequal. As more issues build on from racial…show more content…
The rich and influential will either try consolidating their power. The poor will attempt to redistribute wealth and power in order to balance the elite. On paper the poor revolt against the rich due to inequality, although in reality the purpose of these movements is to create a new ruling class. More information is being able to be accessed easily and thus revolutions will be more prone to result from change in times. As time goes on, the opinions of people change regarding social issues. Thus when people come into conflict, a revolution would occur. Countries became communist as a result of income

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