The Five People You Meet In Heaven Analysis

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In the story “The Five people You Meet in Heaven”, the main character Eddie learns a lot about his life and most importantly himself. After his unexpected death, he meets five very influential people in heaven. They all teach him individual lessons and morals that help Eddie finally comprehend the true meaning to his life. All of these lessons somehow tie into one main theme, life. This story presents numerous themes and ideas that can be expressed in the real world through music or other stories. When many people write music, they keep the listeners in mind and think about what others may be experiencing personally. Just like books, music can relate to so many things and tie into life lessons. One main theme of the story is love. Many people have different conceptions on love itself. Some people don’t believe in love while others swear by it. In the story Eddie falls madly in love with Marguerite. After she dies he is devastated like any human being would be. When Eddie dies, he meets her once again. Though he never stopped loving her, he learned that love never dies even when life ends. He always cherished their memories and special moments they shared. “Come Close” by Common can really relate to Eddie’s love life in terms of not seeing her anymore because of her passing. “I’ma do the best I can do cause I”m my best when I’m with…show more content…
When Eddie saved the little girl, he sacrificed his own life to save her form the broken amusement park ride. Even before that situation he may have not realized but he was always sacrificing his time and effort to make the amusement park better. That by itself is sacrifice. The song “my Sacrifice” by Creed describes his love for a woman and all he has “sacrificed” for her. Though these two sacrifices are a little different, they still tie into each other in terms of giving up something for someone else. “It feels so good to reunite within yourself and with your mind…”

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