The Figurehead Role In Business

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Figurehead Role When talking about the figurehead, normally people tend to think the way of negativity which in meaning to say entitled with no real authority. In the same way too, according to Oxford Dictionary, figurehead refer to “A nominal leader or head without real power”. Therefore, question rises, how can a figurehead related to a manager of a company? In other words, how does the figurehead role important for both manager and organization to excel in the eyes of publics? In Henry Mintzberg's (1971) research, included figurehead role as one of the important interpersonal management role for a manager. In study of research, Manager should be able to represent their organization in the way of broadcasting the true value and unique of…show more content…
and currently assumes the CEO position of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., definitely perfect fit with the tile of success manager and leader. To achieve today’s achievement, Larry Page played a well role as a figurehead to announce every single issues of Google. In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin initialed the global of Google, along the way to today’s model, it is undeniable that Larry Page created a legend of his story. In front of public perception, he was always described as the legendary figurehead of Google Inc. although with his resignation of CEO position in 2001 and re-assuming Google’s CEO in 2011. Time proves, Larry Page had represented Google in all different kind of interview and report. He played a role to transfer the company’s value, mission and vision. As a clearly example, in 2014, Larry Page brought the Google’s future ideas and plans to light with showing the streak of unstoppable and limitless of unimagined Google’s development at his company’s Silicon Valley headquarters, with Financial Times Magazine, an English-language international daily newspaper (Bailey, 2014). Within the interview, Page had shown his flexibility of ideas of Google’s future which strongly set up the mind of “Google is not going to stop but improving”. He perfectly fits in the role as a figurehead to indicate how good the Google…show more content…
He lets all his Google’s engineers to do what they want and not limit them by a set of data and condition. He was not stopping his team to be innovative and changing the world. Therefore, producing the Google News, search suggestions, and AdSense, the contextual advertising system that accounted for nearly $9 billion in revenue in 2010 (Manjoo, 2011). 3. Be quick and concise. Larry Page worked on a management style that will result in fast and flexible management. As an example, He has asked staff to give him 60-word updates or pitches on their current projects, according to the Wall Street Journal in order to make him a quick understand of each project and faster decision making (Weebly, n.d.). Moreover, he was set one day per week for top executives to meet to make a quick choices among the decisions (Manjoo, 2011). 4. Small moves made a large differences. Larry Page is trying to make his products better and better every day by making a new moves. Although Larry Page always looking for the new ideas and products, he is also focusing in improvement of his current products. Just a small change, can make Google a better choice among others. It is said as important as the innovation of Google (Elmer,

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