Distilled Spirits Chapter Summary

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1. The origin of distilled spirits was during the age of exploration. “The people needed a drink that wouldn’t spoil over a long time so they made liquor” (page 94). The drinks that were made are: brandy, rum, and whiskey. “These liquor drinks were used to buy slaves, trade with locals, and to party with” (page 94). This is important to know because if we had to compare all the drinks in this book we could see how spirits were beneficial in different ways than the wine. 2. The connection between spirits and colonization because these liquors they were drank on long voyages to new lands. These new colonies that were making sugar cane helped tremendously in making an economy. “The sugar cane that came from the colonies was distilled and fermented…show more content…
In the 18th century spirits helped Britain have a better navy than France by keeping their sailors healthy to survive long trips. Unlike the French navy the “British sailors drank grog which contained lime juice” (page 84). The grog drink that the British drank contained lime juice. The vitamin C in lime juice prevented scurvy and since the French lacked in vitamin C they died early. This is important because when soldiers are infected by a disease they aren’t able to fight to their full potential. 6. Spirits are an important example in Colonial America because, when the colonies were found, “they had no source for any drinks other than water” (page 90). There was no hint of alcohol on the land, “This angered the new colonists so when they discovered rum it became the drink of choice” (page 91). The rum was very inexpensive and compared to water it sounded a lot better. This is important to see that the colonists had nothing but made do with what they had to survive and be comfortable. 7. Rum was a big role in the American Revolution because molasses was a huge part of making rum. “Molasses was under heavy British tax which made rum a lot more expensive” (page 95). This made a lot of the colonialists mad because now the rum was very expensive. “These harsh taxes lead to breaking the British tax acts” (page 96). Learning about these rebellions is important because of how those acts added up to the big

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