The Double Helix Analysis

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Like every book, The Double Helix has its strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of the book greatly dominate over the weaknesses. In The Double Helix, we learn the depth of the great and remarkable scientific discovery that change our world. It impacted everyone. It changed our view of the world and showed how accomplished scientists can be, especially those who try and put forth the effort in something that needs to be discovered and or changed. Although as stated before the strengths dominate the weakness, there is weakness. James D. Watson greatly wrote the adventure and story of the amazing discovery, but I believe he should of went in depth with the little topics. One weakness I found was Watson and Crick's appreciation for Rosalind Franklin. Rosalind Franklin played a vital role in this discovery and should be noted and appreciated. Smaller topics in novel, including the X Ray-machines used,…show more content…
I personally do not think I have any knowledge to add to this novel. The novel greatly surpasses my knowledge of DNA and its existence. Everything throughout the novel is stuff I did know or stuff that I actually learned throughout the novel. James D. Watson goes above and beyond describing the long road to this discovery, there is no more that I can add to that. Although I personally do not have any more personal knowledge to add but there is some statements for improvements. James D.Watson is a fabulous writer along with being a fabulous scientist. One thing that he could of improved on was his way of wording. Watson, I believe could of made it sound and word better which would make it easier to understand. The simple understanding would allow people who have trouble reading to read it with joy while learning materials, along with middle school kids to read it to advance in their studies and learn a lot more before heading into high school clueless about the

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