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Science has always been a deeply fascinating aspect of life which I have developed a profound interest for. I am a very caring person, which is why I believe a career in the medical field would be perfect for me. However I never found what I longed to do, until I was introduced to radiotherapy at a Medlink conference at the University of Nottingham. There, my life was opened up to a whole new career path I had never considered. I visited talks about the career and given an insight to what it would entail. Since then I have done research on the topic at hand and have been particularly interested in Diagnostic Radiotherapy. I believe that my excellent communication skills, patience, decisiveness, empathy and fitness, which are all key attributes for any Radiographer, have been enhanced through my part-time job and work experience. I have been working at Tesco Pharmacy as a Counter-Assistant for nearly a year now. The job has improved my communication skills massively, as well as improving my organisation, time keeping and…show more content…
Whilst there, I experience the sheer variation in culture and appreciated just how hard people have to work to merely survive as poverty was very evident throughout our stay. Whilst there, we helped an indigenous tribe build a shelter for one of the schools, and endured a completely different way of life whilst out there. We got to spend quality time with the locals, and I could communicate to them effectively with my Spanish speaking. I had to lead the group of 16 for 2 days, where I was in charge of all aspects and had to allocate roles for each person to get the tasks done each day. This was challenging, but allowed me to develop my time management skills, communication, leadership and planning. Coming back from the expedition, I felt more confident as a person and valued life much more and appreciated how hard people have

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