The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time uses a range of literary techniques to inform its audience of the fact that moral disorder is a part of society. Through narrative structure, dialogue and narrative perspective the reader is notified of the struggles in Christopher’s life. The narrative structure as well as dialogue bring out many immoral acts on Christopher’s father’s behalf. The narrative structure sets the scene for man immoral acts to come in the text with the murder of Wellington. A lot of dialogue used in the text that is quite inappropriate and violent, which is another immoral act of mistreating your children. The narrative perspective on the text shows Christopher’s immoral actions, particularly through lying. Moral disorder is a…show more content…
There are many parts of the text where characters commit as well as admit immoral acts and a lot of people’s true colours are shown. One immoral act committed was towards Christopher by his father as he verbally and physically abuses Christopher. “Holy f****** Jesus, Christopher…What the f*** did I tell you...You little sh*t,” Christopher’s father yelled when he found out about Christopher’s book (Mark Haddon, Page 102). The swearing and inappropriate language used in this scene of the text give the impression that Mr Boone was very angry, which led him to verbally abuse his son, an immoral act. This attitude from Christopher’s father may have been brought on due to the loss of his wife which distorted his morals seeing as he no longer knows what to do. Mr Boone may also have reached his limit with Christopher and is no longer patient enough to deal with him any longer, which caused him to snap at his son. Parents get mad at their children quite often, which is another example of moral disorder being a part of society and everyday
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