Pros And Cons Of PG-13 Rating

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Before the PG -13 rating arrived, a movie that included scenes of rampaging destruction, intense fist-fighting or frenzied exchange of gunfire, or sexual scenes and nudity would routinely have earned a movie an R rating – in principle, barring teens under the age of seventeen from seeing it unless accompanied by an adult. With the new rating, not only did more films with substantial violence land a PG- 13 rating; from 2001 to 2006 “ratings creep” resulted in PG- 13 movies that had more violence and more intense violence than did R-rated movies compared with the 1977- 1984 period” (Healy). PG- 13 movies are now actually more violent than R rated movies, which makes the movies look tamed. Parents were complaining about the fact that PG movies…show more content…
The original Terminator and Die Hard films in the 80’s were Rated R however, their most recent sequels was rated as PG 13 even though the up to date films actually contained more intense violent acts than their predecessors did. Movies such as Taken, the Grudge, World War Z, and the Dark Knight was all christened with the PG 13 rating when they should have been stamped with the Rated R due to their excessive violence. “The amount of gun violence in the top-grossing PG-13 movies has more than tripled since 1985, and in 2012 it exceeded the gun violence in the top-grossing R-rated movies, according to researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center and the Ohio State University”(Winter).…show more content…
In the past generation children were not exposed to violence or nudity due to the fact that movies with violence and nudity had the R rating, but these days children are being exposed to violence by marketing the films and actually going to watch these PG -13 movies that are in the movie theaters. Although the PG-13 ratings are intended to warn parents, “some material may be inappropriate for children under 13” children younger than thirteen can easily view such movies with intense violence. Children can show aggression after being exposed to so much violence in the movies. "Because many scientific studies have shown that violent films can increase aggression" in children. Young people may also be provided with "scripts on how to use guns" when they see such violent attacks in movies. Other researchers point out that the science linking the viewing of violent movies to violent behaviors has been shaky at best. Until more is known, parents may want to err on the side of caution and minimize their pre-teens' exposure to violent movies” (Kotz). At the mass shooting in a Century movie theater, that was showing the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora Colorado, back in 2012,

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