Why Do Kids Lose Recess

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Should kid really lose recess? According to Dr. Barros “We need to understand that kids need a break”. I agree with Dr. Barros because, it’s shown that kids can focus better after they have had a break. Losing recess is not fair to all students because many students that lose recess, are the ones who really need it. Studies show that kids can focus better after recess. It also contributes to better test results. To have an effective learning session, students need a break from sitting and thinking. Recess allows kids built up energy to be released. When the children return back to class, they can return to learning with a fresh mind set. Recess is time of unstructured learning which is important to kids social skills. Children may misbehave,…show more content…
Exercise at recess may help cut back on the amount of unhealthy kids. It is recommended that children get 60 minutes of active movement a day. Most public elementary schools get only 15-20 minutes of recess a day. Although that is not all of the recommended time it is still something's that the students need. Children that lose recess miss out on many opportunities to benefit their mind and body. Although recess has it’s benefits, many students need to catch up on missed work. This allows for them to be caught up and up to speed with the rest of the class. If kids aren't being good during class the teacher might want to keep them in for recess to teach them a lesson. If students are aware of the consequences of misbehaving they might not act up. Recess can benefit children who need extra help. I do recognize that losing recess can benefit the child with catching up but, what they miss out on at recess is irreplaceable in the long run. Kids are kids after all so why not let them have a break? Teachers should instead have students make up missed learning at other times of the day such as before school and after school. Recess is vital so taking it away is irrational, especially because most of the time it's the students only break of the day. If other times of the day is not an option for the child the teacher should consider assigning it for homework instead. This also gives the student as much time as needed for the task at

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