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The story The Crucible was written by Arthur Miller. It is a story about The Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials were in the year 1692. Salem, Massachusetts was a Puritan City in the New World. In the novel, five friends are accused of performing witchcraft. They were in the woods one night dancing when one of the girls named Betty becomes sick. She falls into a coma-like state, and one of the ministers in the town, Reverend Parris, finds the girls doing this. Rumors begin to spread through the town that the girls were performing witchcraft. Everyone gathers at Parris’ house, and he calls for Reverend Hale, a minister adroit on witchcraft, who questions Abigail, the girl’s group leader. She denies everything…show more content…
John Proctor, a local farmer, walks in and talks to Abigail. Nobody in the town except Elizabeth, Proctors wife, knows that Abigail and Proctor have had an affair. When they had the affair, she worked in the Proctors’s house, and Elizabeth was sick. She was later fired when Elizabeth found out. Eventually one of the girls confesses and begins accusing random townspeople for being witches also. The group of girls all join in and accuse other people of being witches. Elizabeth is one of the people accused. She gets arrested and taken to trial. In order to save his wife, John admits to having the affair with Abigail, but Elizabeth denies this to save his name. Because of this, John is accused of working for the devil and taken to trial. He does not admit to this and is killed. John Proctor is good because he stands up to lies, he stands up for himself, and he dies for his

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