The Crucible Act 1 Summary

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Act one began with Parris praying for his sick girl, Betty. Abigail arrived shortly after, and Parris asked her if she was involved in witchcraft. Mr. and Mrs. Putnam arrived and informed Parris that their daughter, Ruth, had been taken by the devil, suggesting that maybe Betty had been taken too. Parris denied this possibility, even though he had suspicions about the girls as well. After further questioning, Abigail admitted to being present while Tituba and Ruth conjured spirits. Most people left the room, except for mercy, Mary, and Abigail. Betty suddenly woke up, and began yelling about how Abby also partook in the witchcraft. After Betty fell back to unconsciousness, Mercy and Mary left, frightened. Betty began screaming again, and the adults came back, including Rebecca, who is a thoughtful, gentle woman. Rebecca soothed her and assured the other adults the kids are just odd…show more content…
After hearing Giles attempting to get everyone in the court riled up, he is sent into another room. Judge Hathorne followed him, and told him that he needed to calm down. Giles explained that his wife, Martha, was currently being tried, and he broke down. Francis accuses the girls of deceiving everyone, and that there were no actual witches. He needed facts to back up this claim, so he pulled out a list of people who signed a document saying that Rebecca had to be innocent. Parris claimed that all of the people who signed needed to be questioned, because it was an obvious attack on the court. Giles claimed that Putnam put the girls up to witchery. When asked who his informant was, Giles backed down and said that he could not name the person, so he was arrested for contempt of the court. Mary admitted to faking all along, but Abigail continued pretending that it was all real. Proctor, in an attempt to expose Abigail, admitted to his adultery. Mary hysterically accused Proctor in fear, which only secured Proctor's future place in

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