Short Summary Of The Crucible

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The play "The Crucible"was written by Author Miller and was set in Salem , Massachusetts, 1692. The beginning of the act began in the house of reverend Paris , where he kneeled to his daughter, as she laid quietly on the bed. Paris owned a slave named Tituba which he retrieved from Barbados. Tituba enters his daughter Betty's room worried about her but Paris tells Tituba to get out. Abigail , Paris's orphaned niece then enters the room to tell her uncle that Dr.Griggs said there was no cure to Betty's sickness because it was caused by unnatural causes. When Paris heard that the sickness was because unnatural causes he demanded nobody speak of this , for it will ruin his reputation in the town. Abigail then tells paris about the talk of whitch craft in the town and that everyone was…show more content…
abigail asuures her uncle they were just dancing for fun and nobody participated in any way with witchcraft. paris then explains to abigail that he has enemies in the town and this will ruin him in the town. he tells her he saw the girl dancing around naked and tituba speaking in tongues , abigail interupts him saying he saw thing and there was no naked women in the forest and that tibuta was singing a song she use to sing in barbados. paris then accused abigail of not beig pure anymore because of the things being said in the town. abigail promises that she is pure and that the things being said abput her are just lies. mr amd mrs putnam then enter the room and with one look at betty they are certain its the devil that has come upon betty. there daughter ruth is also sick and due to th fact that mrs putnam has lost 7 infants she goes to greath lengths to cure her little ruth. she tells ruth to go to tituba , who she believe can contact the dead and find out what was the cause of her 7 infants death. mercy lewis was a servant and she is familiar with ruths

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