The Crucible Act 3 Summary

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An overture is an introduction to something more substantial. The specific setting of the play is Salem, Massachusetts, in the spring of the year 1692. a. Facts about Parris At this time Parris was in his mid forties. People didn’t really like Parris because he was known to be villainous despite his best efforts to win people over and God. He was a widower with no interest in children. b. Opinions on Parris Miller says that there is little good to be said for him. His houses stood in the “town” but today Miller said he would hardly call it a village today. In Miller’s opinion the old disciplines were beginning to rankle. c. Facts about the Puritans They followed strict religious laws based on their creed. They failed…show more content…
4. The people of Salem are characterized as “a sect of fanatics” and follow a strict and religious lifestyle. 5. The Puritans viewed the world around them full with mystery, but still with the possibility of danger. Miller says “It stood dark and threatening, over their shoulders night and day…”. They were afraid of the Indian tribes. 6. The Puritans named their town this because New Jerusalem according to the bible, is the holy city of heaven and that's how they see their town as. 7. The reasons for the witch-hunts were that it was an opportunity for everyone to finally publicly express their feelings of guilt and sins, where they could just blame it on witchcraft. The witch-hunt also distributed the balance in the town and it began to turn toward greater individual freedom. 8. The overture helps the audience understand the background of the puritans and how they lived during this time. It also reveals the characters gives the audience an understanding of Miller’s views on the Puritans and the whole concept of the…show more content…
Miller wanted to capture the means of attacking the anti-communist “witch-hunts” in Congress. 12. This implies that there is a higher level of importance in Act 1 that captures his reasons for writing the play. 13. Based on the overture, Reverend Parris is a not a good person at all. A numerous amount of people in the village do not like him. He feels like he is being persecuted wherever he went, despite his best efforts to win people and God over because he cares about his reputation. 14. The overture revealed that the Puritans lived a strictly religious lifestyle followed by the creed that forbade any “vain enjoyment”. They don’t celebrate Christmas, and if you get a day off work it justs for you to focus more on prayer. They had to work hard every day to stay alive and keep the morals of the place from spoiling. 15. Bridget Bishop is the owner of a tavern where people play games like shovelboard and her role is to rebel against all the Puritan ideals. 16. This is important to know before the play begins it gives us a background on Proctor’s personality as it's later revealed through his actions later on in the

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