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BACKGROUND The Cove is a fashion documentary produced in 2009. The director Louie Psihoyos does the vital work of increasing the concerns of people with bringing awareness to underwater life- the film exposes there is a number of dolphins being killed in the cove in Japan in a year. SYNOPSIS Dolphins are valuable assets in the world and everyone promises to protect them. We all agree that dolphin should only be watched.As with most films of this type, the statistics are surprising us: The movie revealed that there are 23,000 dolphins are legally killed for meat every year by 26 fishermen in Taiji. Most of the people in the town have nothing to do with the hunts. Nor do the Japanese people as a whole, many of whom have never even heard of the hunts.…show more content…
Moreover, It is an informative movie too.The film did a great job of illuminating the cost of buying this dolphins'meat. Out of my surprise,the meat has proven to be highly contaminated with toxic chemicals such as mercury in the movie. I firmly believe the number of whale meat consumers will decrease after the movie was released.More people will recognize and promote the importance of protecting dolphins . The cove is, without doubt, the most entertaining movie I have seen this year. It inspires us to protect the dolphins .It is expected that after watching this movie,people will be more conscious that dolphins need our help and will not buy dolphins products.The Japanese should set Richard as their example---be brave to tell the truth.On the whole,the movie is a must-watch for all documentary and I recommend it to all of

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