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Cinergy Cinemas is a dine-in movie theatre located in Copperas Cove, Texas. Cinergy Cinemas is a small chain of dine-in theatres across the state of Texas that aims to provide a deluxe movie and gaming experience for customers. Each Cinergy location is equipped with at least eight movie theatres, a gourmet kitchen, a bar, an arcade, and a laser tag arena. Cinergy offers alcoholic beverages and special food delivery inside the movie of the customer’s choosing. In addition to the bar and food delivery, Cinergy offers customers opportunities to hold birthday parties and business meetings in their theatres. Around 2008, Cinergy Cinemas began to break ground in Copperas Cove, Texas where it would immediately experience success due to the lack of…show more content…
As numbers gradually decreased, corporate hired a new management team. The leadership component of the Congruence model was not aligned with the strategy component. The new management team implemented new strategies to motivate the Cinergy staff in hopes of increasing store numbers. The motivation strategies included tactics discussed in unit four such as, pay for performance, management by objectives, and job design. To decrease employee fatigue, employees were required to cross train with other departments in the theatre altering the job design and formal organization model component. This requirement set the foundation for employees to help cover other departments. The management team agreed to hire more employees to form a complete staff to help combat slow service. To repair daily task negligence, management implemented a two-day training for all employees and daily checklists for each department. Renewed training and daily checklists helped to realign the formal organization component of the congruence model with the other components. While the former general manger made false promises of employee of the quarter rewards, the new management team revamped the reward guidelines with new prizes and pay promotions. The new management team aimed to align the informal organization model component by reestablishing Cinergy culture and…show more content…
Constructive competition for employee of the quarter and pay promotions caused employees to work harder within the theatre. Increasing the staff size allowed for a more efficient distribution of work increasing the effort put into each task. Faster service and continuous cleaning schedules increased customer satisfaction. Employee job satisfaction increased as employees were included directly in the communication network with corporate and no longer were over worked. A higher employee satisfaction allowed for lower employee turnover. Positive remarks about improved customer service and the new staff team quickly spread throughout the small town of Copperas Cove. Community members that had left due to poor service soon returned with their friends and family. The congruence model of Cinergy Cinemas was finally realigned to perform in sync. Unfortunately, the general manager was fired due to illegal performances. With another dramatic shift in the leadership component, Cinergy Cinemas began to struggle to maintain quality service and low employee

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