John F Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories Essay

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Parker Litchfield Hon160 Professor Cooley November 22nd 1963 There’s a variety of conspiracy theories tied to the assassination of John F. Kennedy on the 22nd of November, 1963. The majority of which, propose the possible involvement of persons other than Lee Harvey Oswald. The most prevalent of these theories involve parties such as the Mafia, and the CIA. All theories are based upon a few crucial findings hinting that the government has something to hide. In 1964, Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. His case hinted towards the likelihood of a second shooter, deeming it highly plausible that there was one. The second gunman remains unidentified, all evidence pertaining to the matter, discredited.…show more content…
According to this theory, Oswald fired a shot from the 5th floor of the depository, the bullet then traveled entirely through the center of Kennedy’s neck and travel through Governor Connally’s chest who was sitting in the passenger seat. The same bullet then drastically curved, went on to penetrate Connaly’s wrist and ended up embedded within Connaly’s thigh. The bullet had then been found on a gurney in near pristine condition. This is but a mere impossibility, (as proven by the mythbusters) due to the fact that one single 162grain 6.5x52mm, lead jacketed bullet fired at 2,300fps is simply incapable of penetrating 15 layers of clothing and approximately 20 inches of tissue and bone, let alone curve when exiting a body and maintain enough speed to severely injure another. This isn’t to say that the fatal injury wasn’t viable evidence onto its own. As clearly displayed by the “Zapruder Film” Kennedy’s head was forced back and to the left as the bullet struck his

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