The Conscious Brain Essay

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Introduction The Conscious Brain written by Steven Rose created quite a stir in the 1970’s when it was first released. The author said in his preface “it is addressed to a wider audience than my fellow neurologists” (Rose, 1973). True to his words he explores various concepts from the what is “I” to proudly declaring his experiments with marijuana. The book was written with an intention to explore the connection between the mind and the brain. The book is interesting for the commoners as well as the neurologists and it has survived decades as one of the famous works analyzing the theory of mind, brain and consciousness. This essay will review this book in three parts, the first concentrating on the gist of the book, second the various debates…show more content…
Rose simply rated various masterminds in his field like Alduous Huxley as "Bourgeois novelists". Philosopher Descartes was accused of dualistic talk and being highly religious. Such claims created several curt comments from the philosophers as well as fellow neurologists for this work. The experts in the medical field and neuroscience questioned his capability to make decisions regarding established concepts outside his expertise field. He expressed several brave political views in the books starting from exonerating Soviet Union for misusing psychiatry in politics. Such negative reviews made the book reserved for the highly educated and the intellectual researchers making the commoners quit from reading it. The book got branded as controversial and too sophisticated. Several people claimed the book does not give any sort of enlightenment and merely questions the scientific and religious facts without any true necessity. It was considered as a false whistle blower in terms of scientific beliefs and research. The mainstream audience to whom it was written labeled it is another bundle presenting several questions without any answer. But, the author has actually given answers to every claim he had made in the book regarding brain being the controller of mind and body though he did not present much empirical

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