We Were Soldiers Vietnam War

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The movie We Were Soldiers was a movie depicting the Vietnam war, mainly The Battle of La Drang. It was based off of the book written by veterans who lived through the battle. The goal of this movie was to correctly portray the war in a non-Hollywood flare way. The movie was successful in doing this through the use of realistic settings and locations, memorable characters, and strong music and sound effects. The setting and locations was a tricky topic for the producer to work on. Though the real life setting was in Vietnam, there was no way they would be able to shoot there. Instead of Vietnam the producer chose California for most of the scenes setting changing the angles and surrounding to try and create an illusion of Vietnam. The remote location and forest surrounding an open expanse fit the Vietnam location of the battle almost to a tee. The helicopter scene where the soldiers were flown into battle was over a forest but because of the similarity between it and the real place in Vietnam and other key aspects like props the forest came to seem like a foreign jungle straight out of Vietnam.…show more content…
Characters in the movie were well known making pre biases on the movie by those watching, some only liking it because of a favorite actor or hating it because they disliked an actor in it. On the other hand, the actors were skilled in portraying their characters. From a stern general to a kind and scared soldier who many grew to love. The emotions were well portrayed and the background information was smoothly blended in with the scenes. This caused many people to grow attached to characters such as the soldier who had just had his first baby and feared not making it back home. This connection led to many growing to love the
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