The Broken Spears

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The three documents “Amerindians and the “Garden of Eden”” and “The *SINS” of the Spanish Invasion” from “De Las Casa His Life, His Apostolate, and His Writings, translation by Francés Augustus McNuff (New York, 1909),” , and “The Broken Spears” written by an unknown Aztec chronicler all share a common theme of the mistreatment and oppression of the Native Americans by the Spanish conquistadors. The writers of these documents goal was to show the mistreatment of the Native Americans by the conquistador and why the change of this treatment was necessary. Bartholomew De Las Casas a 16th-century Spanish Dominican friar. De Las Casa lived from 1474 to 1566 and in this time he made many missionary trips to the new world. On this first trip to…show more content…
This writing show both the greed of the spanish and the compliance of the Aztecs. The start off by the Spanish try find the leader of the Aztecs Moctezuma. When they find him they ask him for “tortillas, fried chickens, hens' eggs, pure water, firewood and charcoal. Also; large, clean cooking pots, water jars, pitchers, dishes and other pottery” to resupply their ship. Moctezuma sent out some his servant to find them the supply. This show the willingness of the Native Americans to help the Spaniards. The Spaniards repaid the natives for their help by asking to go to their greatest treasures. the Spanish raided the treasures of the Native Americans they took all gold and all the finest gems. After this the Spanish raided the personal treasure of Moctezuma. This helps to show the Spaniards thought on the treasure they stole “They seized these treasures as if they were their own, as if this plunder were merely a stroke of good luck”. The Spanish didn’t know cair that the Native American rightfully own this treasure they turn the this treasure even after the Native had helped them out in getting them supplys. This another reason the Spanish treatment of the Natives was
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