A Short Story: The Story Of King Opu Tuka

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When I sent Mako to the island to get the bananas, I did not expect him to face Tupa-- the Great shark. But after a while, I was getting worried and wondered what was taking so long. All I needed were some bananas, nothing else. Let me tell you the great tale of Mako and him slaying Tupa the great shark the threat to our island. I looked out the window to see Mako shooting arrows at a large rock he would use as practice for Tupa. It is funny how he wants to defeat Tupa. He is like a small minnow in the river against Tupa. I should not have told him about his father. But then I see the boat--shaking like trees in the wind of a hurricane. I see the trees dancing a vigorous dance to King Opu Nui. Then I see a fin--approaching Mako, slowly, silently, swiftly.…show more content…
It was dark, but I could tell it was Tupa. He glowed like the sun in the dry season. He was white as snow on the top of a mountain. A mountain--as sharp as Mako’s spear, the spear he made with his own hands, his own mind and creativity. He was clever with his hands. He will not make it out alive--He is just a boy. “Father, come quick! Come see Mako!” I called. Oh, my poor baby out there all alone, he can not make it out alive against Tupa. “What do you want from me, Poecilia? asked father. “Is it about Mako?” “Yes, he has come to avenge his father. This is all your fault. I just wanted him get some

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