Beowulf Betrayal Vs Loyalty Essay

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In addition, to good prospers over evil, another theme loyalty versus betrayal was presented. Beowulf reached Denmark with his team and was greeted by Wulfgar. Beowulf went to Hrothgar to request a battle against grendel. In lines 131-34 it states “ go to him as you are, in your armor and helmets, but leave your battle-shields here, and your spears, let him lie waiting for the promises your words may make” Hrothgar, who had once done a great favor for Beowulf’s father Ecgtheow, accepts Beowulf’s offer to fight Grendel and holds a feast in the hero’s honor. During the feast Beowulf was tested of his reputation so he boasted about his past victories he won. “I drove 5 great giants…. death was my errand and fate they had earned. H e was also brave.…show more content…
lines 204-209 “i bought the end of edgetho’s Quarrel, sent ancient treasures ……..your father swore he’d keep that peace. My tongue grows heavy, and my heart,.......” Meanwhile, Grendel arrives and the battle was set. Grendel returns to Herot to devour human. lines 235 “Grendel came hoping to kill”. Grendel eats his last meal and encounters Beowulf. lines 258-9 “Grendel gnawed the broken bones of his last human supper”. Beowulf fights Grendel without weapon proving himself to be stronger than Grendel, who is bewildered by Beowulf’s strength. lines 284-5 “ in his first kill they cracked clutched Grendel

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