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Identify This source is a political cartoon about Tsar Nicholas II. The source depicts Tsar Nicholas II sitting outside slouched over in front of a poster referencing to the bloody sunday massacre and how he lost his chance to prove to his people that they could trust and respect him as their Tsar. Historical context This cartoon refers to the bloody sunday massacre on the 22nd of january 1905. This is when reformist Father Gapon lead tens of thousands of middle and lower class workers through moscow and to the palace with a petition to improve the working and living conditions but Nicholas was not at the palace and the guards fired upon the crowds of unarmed workers and killed hundreds. This is when the public completely lost trust in the…show more content…
This is a first hand source of the July uprising which shows an unbiased point of view Identify Extract from a book ‘History of Russia’ by Graham Stephenson in 1969. The extract talks about how unfit Nicholas II was for ruling as he was deeply religious and believed that it was his God appointed right to rule and that he did not possess the mind to rule the country. Historical context The historical context of this source is that the Tsar was known to only really care more about his family than his responsibilities as Tsar, however he didn’t give up his position because he believed it was God who put him in the role as Tsar and believed that till his death. Perspective The source was written by Graham Stephenson who lives in Preston, England. He was a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and focused on Business law, contracts and torts. He has an educated background from an upper-middle class background with a grasp on politics. This is a secondary source as it was written after the time of Nicholas

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