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The Black Book of Secrets Newspaper Article My Summary: The Black Book Of secrets is about Joe Zabbidou, who is a pawn broker that exchange people's deepest, darkest secrets for money; and Ludlow Fitch who is a young pick-pocket and is running away from his dark past. Through the story Ludlow is Joe's assistant that writes down the secrets in the Black book of secrets. Eventually Ludlow has to reveal his skeletons that his dark past consisted of. And in the end Ludlow is happy and has become Joe's apprentice as they travel together. The Purpose: I chose to do a newspaper because I thought this book is a very good book to review for others. The book is written in diary entries and has parts of the black book in the story, so it wasn't possible…show more content…
You can go anywhere you want Source: The black book of secrets Joe Zabbidou: Joe Zabbidou is a secret pawn broker that trades the the villager's terrible secrets for money. He wrote those secrets down in The Black Book Of…show more content…
He wore a muted green cloak with a sliver toggles that went down to his ankles. He has a wooden peg leg which he keeps in his shop that was once owned by a hat maker. He has a few secrets of himself and his shadowy ways cause trouble for him and Ludlow thought the book. Image source: Editorial Opinion: The Black Book Of Secrets is a very captivating and thrilling book. It engages the reader with the intense and mysterious journey of Joe Zabbidou and Ludlow Fitch. It would be recommended for readers from ages 10 to 15 as it is to show how dark and terrible someone's past can be, yet you can never judge their future with their past. Also the fact that Ludlow was 14 in the book, engages the young readers even more. This book is a fantasy, adventure and thrilling novel that F. E. Higgins has written with the inspiration through the wooden peg leg she found along with Ludlow's documents in her house; or so it is said in the Author's note. The Black Book of Secrets is indeed a great book that has been rated 3.9 stars (out of 5). It isn't particularly scary, only to a certain level. It would be worth recommendation for young readers ages 10-15. The

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