The Benefits Of Planned Parenthood

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It was the 1870’s when women did not have the same equal rights as men in America, could not vote, or hold a place in society. In addition to giving birth to an uncontrollable amount of babies during this time period, women were unable to gain access to certain preventative measures such as birth control. In an effort for women to gain control over their lives, Margaret Sanger promoted the idea of contraception through the Planned Parenthood movement. Planned Parenthood is a program that has been servicing communities for over 100 years. Planned Parenthood provides sexual health care and preventative services for women. Now in the year 2015, “the Grand Old Party”, or Republican Party, is threatening to defund Planned Parenthood to avoid government…show more content…
For some time now, Republicans wanted to defund such programs as Planned Parenthood, as Republicans view their primary service as an “abortion clinic”. The recent footage that has been discovered has amplified their notion to further defund the program. According to Annas and Mariner (2011), the two major reasons why defunding programs such as Planned Parenthood, would appeal to Republicans are first beneficiaries of those services are low-income women and their children, a group with virtually no political influence and no financial resources with which to fight these cuts. Secondly, comprehensive reproductive health care includes pregnancy terminations, and although women have the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy before fetal viability, abortion remains the most contentious issue in U.S…show more content…
Wade decision which was held in favor of the plaintiff Norma Mc.Corvey, also known as Jane Roe. The Supreme Court ruled that any woman in the early stages of her pregnancy could terminate her pregnancy with her doctor, with or without certain restrictions. Obama said it best when he reminded his audience of the Roe v. Wade decision. “Roe not only protects women’s health and reproductive freedom, but it stands for a broader principle: that the government should not intrude on out most private family matter. No matter what one’s position on Roe, we are united in our determination to prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce the need for abortion and support women and families in the choices they make (Annas and Mariaer, 2011).” While Republicans reserve the right to have their own views about abortion, it does not negate the fact that under the constitution women have the right to have control over what happens to their bodies. Even if that means that a woman or teenage girl seeks a program such as Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Aside from abortions, Republicans are missing the fact that the care that Planned Parenthood provides is “90% preventative (Nixon and Eldenberg, 2011).” According to Cecille Richards, the organization’s president, “every year the organization provides 830,000 breast exams, nearly 1 million cervical cancer screenings, half a million HIV tests and birth

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