Is The Trojan War A Myth Or Military Reality?

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“Is Troy true? Is the Trojan War a myth or military reality?” – National Geographic By Megan Burns Epworth High School for Girls Table of contents: Page Number Content 1 Front cover and Question 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 – 9 Review of Literature 10 – 15 Process of Findings 16 – 17 Conclusion 18 Reference list 19 Source package Introduction Is Troy True? Is the Trojan War a Myth or Military reality? Is the question that will be investigated. The topic of whether the Trojan War occurred is debatable as many believe that it took place yet others believe it to be a myth. The Trojan War is a war between the Greeks and the Trojans that is believed to have taken place around the 12th and 13th centuries…show more content…
The Evidence behind Movie Myth. This source was written by Stefan Lovgren. He is a journalist, author and filmmaker and works as a writer for National Geographic. He has covered major news stories and through this source provide insight to the myth or reality of the Trojan War. The source gives facts about the film Troy and the poem of the Iliad and a brief summary of them. The source gives evidence to prove that the Trojan War occurred such as that it may have been many wars over a course of then years rather than instead of one epic war that Homer wrote about. “The archaeological and textual evidence indicates that a Trojan war or wars took place, and that Homer chose to write about one or more of them by making it into a great ten-year-long saga.” Yet the source also provides information that Homers mention of the Trojan horse may be false as one may identify that Homer may have known that the city found and believed to be Troy collapsed in an earthquake and was later burned in a fire. Thus the idea of the Trojan horse could have been made up by Homer for a better story. “The Trojan horse could have been a metaphor for Poseidon, a god associated with horses who was both the god of the seas and…show more content…
This also proves that Troy is important in the discovery of civilisation as it is a world heritage site. “The archaeological site of Troy is of immense significance in the understanding of the development of European civilization at a critical stage in its early development.” One can see that there is no limitations to this source. This source was useful because it puts all the evidence found by the archaeologists into context, by explaining the evidence and showing maps of the area. It is valid as it shows the archaeological evidence behind the excavations of the city of Troy as well as giving some background behind the first excavator Heinrich Schliemann and an understanding to how the Iliad fits into the evidence found. “The evidence of widespread fire and slaughter around 1250 BC, which brought Troy VIIA to an end, has led to this phase being identified with the city besieged by the Greeks during the Trojan War, immortalized in The Iliad.” The purpose of this source to look at the city of Troy and provide evidence of the events of the war as well as to inform the reader of the archaeological

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