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The Problem of Evil The existence of God is entirely focused on the problem of evil. For centuries this issue has become a philosophical question, why does evil exist? Who causes evil? The problem of evil regards faith and moral beliefs. The opponents in this case would be the existence of God vs. the existence of suffering. There are two types of evil, moral and natural. Moral evil results because of any morally negative scenario caused by the intentional action or lack of action of someone or something. For example, if someone commits an armed robbery, they must be held responsible or culpable to face consequences. Natural evil refers to more natural problems in the world and are independent of the intervention of individuals. Examples…show more content…
Natural evil and moral evil do not have many differences in the outcomes they can produce; they are only different descriptions in a way committing the same evil on earth. Evil is a punishment from a figure powerful over us to rearrange our destiny in life. Evil is not proven to be cause by the devil nor proven to not be caused by the devil, this statement matters on beliefs of an individual and their faith in God. Evil can be justified by being present and forming your life because in the future one day when your life flashed before your eyes and your day to arrive to the heavenly gates the amount of evil permitted by you and committed by you will decide if you are worthy to live in eternal peace. Evil tests a person faith and many times philosophical issues like the problem of evil alter your deepest beliefs and may even make you a non believer. The key of life is having faith and having something to believe in so you can hold on to something forever and feel that drive or motivation to do something for your life. This is the reason we get up every morning to go to school, to go to work, to feed our children to provide a good and detain the evil even if it is for our own sake and we are being egoists. The problem of evil is a deep issue within everyone but it will only be a problem if you make it your

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