Typomorphological Analysis Essay

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Content Introduction: Typomorphological study Shahjahanabad, Walled city, New Delhi, India as an Example Methods of analysis reviewed 1. SAR Method : N.J.Habraken Shahjahanabad as example 2. Image of the city : Kevin Lynch Shahjahanabad as example Conclusion References Introduction: The City A city can be defined as a juxtaposition of different layers, relationships developed over a period of time between the living inhabitants, the physical structure and social aspects of their life. In past years, cities have grown at an unexpected rate. Cities have immensely transformed due to different kinds of global forces and continue to do so. Typomorphological study Typomorphology is the study of…show more content…
Since this method is based on the observer’s mental image or the overlapping of several mental images, it mostly depends on the observer’s subjectivity. It may not give the real image of the city. 2. The famous five elements path, edge, nodes, landmark and district are too generic to define the urban environment. 3. This theory mainly focuses on the physical aspects of the urban environment; but city is not something that can be limited to the physical domain, there are many other domains and parameters which all together define a city. 4. Analysis of a city as one whole entity is missing, it gets broken up into various elements and the meaning of totality is lost in the bargain. Conclusion After going through the two approaches with an example of the Walled city of Shahjahanabad, I have realized that a set rule cannot define the city or its parts because it is a much more complex fabric, from its physical structure to socioeconomic aspects, it has various facets; and to be able to analyse the city in entirety a interweaving matrix may have to be developed. Although all the above approaches have their own interpretation and limitations, one can also come up with his own method, with his own elements, which might explain it in a better

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