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Why Does Evil Exist J.L. Mackie examines the Problem of Evil, while John Hick and other philosophers propose adequate solutions to the dilemma. Throughout time philosophers have developed many theodicy to explain the “Problem of Evil” Most of which however center around the core ideas of Augustine and Ireanean theodicy which apply the ideas of “soul-making”, and “Free-Will”. This term paper will review the reasoning behind the existence of evil and God simultaneously, and apply some of the solutions developed to explain it. I will then clarify which resolution seems a most logical defense in which to reflect my own beliefs. The “Problem of Evil” at it simplest, is the question of how there can exist a loving, all powerful God, and still have…show more content…
(B) The world contains suffering or evil. These two statements are incompatible. A super awesome, loving, and can-do God would not allow for any evil or suffering. Since, it is quite evident that evil does exist; there must not be a super awesome God. Mackie says specifically, “Here it can be shown, not that religious beliefs lack rational support, but that they are positively irrational, that several parts of the essential theological doctrine are inconsistent with one another.” (1955, p. 200) J.L. Mackie’s argument makes logical sense in my opinion but the argument has at its core an assumption that we are supposed to have an evil less world. If we stop looking at the issue here, we are left with thinking if there is a God, he did not do a great job in designing what we know as our…show more content…
The suffering we place upon others such as war and violence is evil and unnecessary in most accounts. Secondly, as Hick points out himself, the “soul-making” theodicy does not give us an explanation for the existence of animals. We know that animals exist; does that mean that animals are “soul-making” also? Thirdly, “soul-making” does not account for the suffering of the innocents and children, a loving God would not allow for this. If we consider our existence and its state affairs, as a soul-building existence, did God do well designing an existence to do so? If we consider that we all exist within different circumstances everyone may not have the same opportunity or ambition to soul make. Therefore, we can reasonably say,

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