Comparing Power And Wealth In The Pardoner And The Wife Of Bath

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Joe Forniti Ms. Thomas Brit Lit 27 September 2015 Short Story Essay Essay In the short stories “The Pardoner” and “The Wife of Bath” you will see many similarities and differences when the characters talk of power and wealth. Power and Wealth are clearly talked about in each short story, but in different ways. In “The Pardoner” it basically the reader that power and wealth of money (Greed) is the root of all evil. In “The Wife of Bath” it tells us that power and wealth comes with a price and that it can also be taken away. In “The Pardoner”, a group of friends go out to find Death and kill him because they saw someone had died in their town and they don’t want anyone else close to them to die. While walking around they find an older guy sitting down who is near death and he tells them how he also has been trying to find Death. The old guy says that Death is over under a distant tree across the field and that where the friends end up going.…show more content…
The youngest one ended up being attacked and stabbed with daggers, while the two others ended up being poisoned. Power and Wealth became more important to them and in the end three people died. This short story talks about greed, power, and wealth, and what that is can only cause bad things to happen. What started out as a good intention turned out to be an even more deadly day for three friends, all because of emotions took over and greed for power and wealth became more

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