Bernard O Hare's Case Study

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Bernard O’Hare III 68 S. Main St. Nazareth, Pa., (610) 533-7379 was advised of the identity of Investigator Sean P. Brennan and of the confidential nature and purpose of the interview, O’Hare, provided the following information: O’Hare is a Blogger in the Lehigh Valley Ramblings. He said he is an ex attorney who lost his license due to alcoholism in 1985. O’Hare currently searches titles for several title companies in the area and is a writer for the Bethlehem Press. O’Hare stated in August 2015 he received a call from Bangor Area School District Director J. Robert Cartwright. Cartwright told O’Hare that there were going to be fireworks at the next school board meeting. Cartwright also told O’Hare that when he saw Judge Grigg at the diner, the judge told him, something to the effect, that Angle should not be appointed to the board because he wasn’t right for the job.…show more content…
O’Hare described how he went to the meeting on Aug 24, 2015, he got there early and while sitting down he saw Judge Grigg come in and the judge sat in front of him. Grigg started trash talking about Angle to someone O’Hare didn’t know, but was saying it loud enough for everyone to hear. Grigg was saying if a certain person was elected, he wasn’t going to give that person the oath because he doesn’t get paid to do that. Grigg continued talking out loud even after the meeting started, showing no respect for the board or its

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