How Male And Female Students Use Language Differently Deborah Tannen Summary

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A constant topic that people seem to dwell on is, who is smarter between male and female. Deborah Tannen, author of “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently”, picked an interesting topic to write about. Many people do not even notice that the language is different between genders, but they do notice the large amount of miscommunication that takes place between opposite sexes. Deborah Tannen provided the readers with facts and statistics. The author’s argument brought up a few questions that she later answered throughout the passage. Do men talk more than women? Do men like to argue in large groups, while women prefer conversation in small groups? What is the best way for each gender to learn? The difference in the way males and…show more content…
This, statistically, is the male’s best learning method, but does it make a male smarter than a female? A female understands a topic better by discussion. A female will always communicate more than a male in this type of setting. The different genders respond to different types of teaching methods, because they learn differently. Depending on how the classroom or school is set up, it may also affect the way a student acts. For instance, girls in single sex schools statistically do better later on in life than when they attend a school with both sexes. It is also a proven fact that boys talk more when they sit by a girl in a classroom. They may try to sound smarter than the female student, but typically they act goofier and disrupt class more often than when sitting next to another male student. My overall interpretation of this topic is that neither sex is “smarter” than another, they just learn and converse differently through different methods. No matter how many test we run the numbers are going to be different because no one is ever going to be the exact same. Regional, ethnic, class, background, age and gender results in different ways communication

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