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Allison Takenaka Professor Hodge HST 219: Ohio 11 November 2015 Biography: Doris Day One of America’s most beloved female celebrities of the 50’s and 60’s, Doris Day, has achieved many goals that most would ever dream of accomplishing. At a young age, she had many talents that her family and peers noticed very quickly. Any form of entertainment to make the people around her smile and laugh were one of her key attributes. After an accident in 1937, Day injured both of her legs which would later come as a blessing. From dancing in the studio, to singing on the radio, then later becoming a new face on the big screen, Doris Day has lived the real “American Dream,” helping many lives during critical war times. Born in 1924,…show more content…
She featured as a guest star with many bands and singers like the Crosby brothers, Les Brown, and Barney Rapp, who was initially the first person to suggest Doris to adopt a stage name. Originally born as Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, she then changed her last name to “Day”, after the hit song “Day After Day” came out. In 1944, Day finally got her big break through with her number one hits, “Sentimental Journey” and “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time.” Due to partnering up with Les Brown, her fame skyrocketed especially during the times of World War…show more content…
Day was then known as the “Queen of Romantic Comedy” during her time. For many of her hit movies, she recorded at least one song, one of which became one of her trademark tunes and used as her theme song later on in, “The Doris Day Show.” After being ranked as the box office number one female actresses of all time, appearing in thirty nine different films, Day finally called it quits and retired from the big screen. She continued to be in the top ten rankings as the only woman on the board for a full ten years before being joined by other actresses. Day continues to be in the higher rankings to this

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