The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft Company Value Chain Structure

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The advantage of a TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Limited company value chain structure is facilitating the sophisticated environment to the IT research regarding the leading edge technologies in several domains. It was collecting with technology partners, emerging key trends and IT universities which are mobility, cloud computing services, organization business analytics. The innovation offers a solution of IT problems, giving support for business objectives and taking concern about social activities. Here, some of company offering services facilitate sustainability, optimization, digitalized services, system analyzing, de-risk factors. The disadvantages of the value chain process structure TCS Company will have to facilitate most efficiently…show more content…
The company software services are facilitating the several resources for the customers which are common user interface applications, technology provides the backward capability for the new systems, it is having the connection establishment capability, and it provides the third party vendors. Emerging and adopting new technology services are provides more affective environment marketing of the company value chain aspects that are enhanced their promotional inbound and outbound logistics activities those are useful to the customer attraction. Product disadvantages of Microsoft software services which are not providing trusted security, more amount of reusability, process compatibility, product granularity and inability to support for site links. In the value chain structure, the corporation product evaluation has faced a complexity on regarding their activities (Microsoft,…show more content…
The marketing business strategy of Microsoft Corporation includes facilitating a bond with several institutions and organizations, which are including the MBA schools and engineering societies. Competitive priorities: The TCS Company provides the wireless service which facilitates a voice and non-voice services to the customers, it focused on the business setting for quick deliveries in the market they are considered as a major business challenges. The Microsoft corporation competitive priorities are possibility of direct contact with authorized dealers, lower shipping costs, upgrading software’s in short time period, provides affective service towers in the sufficient areas. 6.

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