The Spider: A Short Story: Marty Muffet

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“Ahhhhh, a spider, a spider, I hate spiders, help!”, Miss Muffet shrieked as she ran away. What Miss Muffet couldn’t hear over her shrieking was the cracking of the branch and a thud right by her tuffet. 1:08 pm. I Marty Muffet was intensely studying the inside of my eyelids when I hear screaming from downstairs, and as it wakes me up I know for sure that the commotion is coming from my older sister Miss Mindy Muffet, or Miss Muffet. I fly down the stairs to see if the yelling is anything juicy. I come to realize it is only Miss Muffet yelling about a spider, and how she doesn’t want to go back to her tuffet alone. As a quietly try to make my way back upstairs mom yells, “Marty, will you go with your sister back to her tuffet to…show more content…
When along came that spider, and it sat right beside me. I was so frightened that I ran away,” As she finished her story we had arrived to her tuffet, but it was broken. The legs were snapped and a fairly large tree branch lay about 4 feet away from the tuffet. “That wasn’t there before,” Miss Muffet stated. Under the tuffet laid a large dead spider. Miss Muffet shrieked again at the sight of it. I grabbed a stick and poked it because it look dead. When I poked it a spark flaw. I jumped back, and then I flipped it over. On the back was a broken panel with batteries in it. This wasn’t a really spider, it a battery powered one. I took a good look at the spider, and on the back I found the company name where the spider had came from, Peter Piper Elctrontronics. “Whew that is good that it is not a real spider,” said Miss Muffet as she came out from behind the tree. As my sister walked she didn’t notice the mud around the tree. “My shoes, there is mud all over them!” I walked over to the tree and I noticed other fresh looking footprints. “Are these your prints?” “How could they possibly be mine, those feet are twice the size of mine. Also, look they have the brand of BPS, Bo Peep Shoes, imprinted on the…show more content…
You know checkered pants are what everyone is wearing these days” “Yeah, so it will be tough to narrow down, let’s go to this electric store and see who bought these spiders.” A time We walked up to the clerk and asked for the record to see who bought the spiders. He said the kid’s name was a Wendal Whay. So, we go back to our house to look at the yearbook. A time “Here he is Wendal Whay!”, cried my sister. “Look and he is wearing checkered pants and Bo Peep Shoes in this

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