The Four Theories Of The Apple's Theory Of Strategy

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Question 1 : The four theories of strategy : • Classical approach • Evolutionary perspective on strategy • Processual approach to strategy • Systemic perspective on strategy 1. Classical approach : this theory if for strategy managers who prefer the classic ways of planning by only focusing on making profits , high profit for them is the ultimate goal to achieve and focus on , the strategy manager in this theory perspective is the only person who know the right decision to take , the same as the general in the military so they mainly focus on long term profitability , with sustainable competitive advantage EX; in the early 1980's Toyota™ start to invade the middle east market especially with the CORROLLA model , this model was and still a very compatible and suitable…show more content…
• I agree on the '' Evolutionary perspective on strategy '' to offer many versions and categories of your product and give the market the chance to choose their favorite features and price range due to their needs and their economy , also to depend on the small employees to take a decision that will reflect on the strategy positively instead of deciding by only one person or only the top management EX: TOYS R US ™ the famous toy store they hire kids in different ages to choose and design and give feedbacks about products before offering it at the

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