Tinky Winky Gender Roles

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The age when toddlers begin to explore media is between the ages of 1 and 5, during this age the television is quite fascinating to this age group; with the many effects of cartoon characters, their colors and loud sounds that television can have on one. Television draws you in especially the younger ones. While at home a youngster can spend hours watching Television, such as Sesame Street, where Big Bird is the main character, (male) which in fact, is very educational for this impressionable age, this program teaches numbers, colors and word phrases, in addition, on how to be good citizens. Gender has never come up as an issue until the following shows appeared years later, which were Barney and Teletubbies. In April 6, 1992 a new show appeared…show more content…
The four characters each a different color and look like plush crib toys are, Tinky Winky, who is purple and is the largest Tubby. Who also carries a bag or “purse”, though referred to as a male. Tinky Winky has many feminine characteristics as the leader but most caring of the group; next is Dipsy, who is green, and is noted to be a male and has an air of aloofness. There’s Laa-Laa who is characterized as a female and the second smallest of the Teletubbies, she is yellow and loves to sing and dance. Finally there is Po who is red the smallest and the most immature, these are the four main characters. In addition there is Noo Noo who is a gender neutral comic vacuum who tidies up after the Teletubbies. How interesting is this children’s program, which is televised for toddlers, some of the characters are suggested to be gay, main character is a “homosexual role model for children”, why at such an early age would this be presented to toddlers who are so…show more content…
Children as young as 10 years old, now has access to face book, video’s etc. With all of the media is has begun to ruin you youth, and it’s time for parents to put an end to this and begin to take back their children’s attention with reading books, exploring nature, anything other than the Media, which has ruin our youth’s life and expectation of what life if really about. It’s time for parents to limit the kinds of programs our youth are watch and the message that they are sending to them at such a young

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